The PTA needs membership involvement to survive.  We need to hear your voices, hear your opinions, and use your special talents to support the educators that have commited to building your child's future.  

Show your support today by joining the PTA!  Your kids will think you are awesome.  Well, they probably won't say that out loud, but you'll know they are thinking it.

Click the link below for a super-de-duper wasy way to pay with PayPal or another major credit card!

The Pembroke Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a non-profit, parent volunteer group that organizes and facilitates events and special programs throughout the school year. We’re solely funded by donations and membership dues and highly dependent on parent involvement to accomplish our goals. 

Beyond the PTA Membership dues, this year we’ve also added the ability for sponsor’s to make Educational Booster Contributions that are earmarked for specific department within the school. 

As a benefit of becoming PTA member, you have the privilege of making motions, debating, voting, holding office and serving on the executive board, committee chairs or classroom parent leads. PTA Membership is for the household and give voting rights for two parents/guardians. 

And remember, your donation is Tax deductible! 

Click here to update your information in the Pembroke Directory!  Isn't technology amazing?

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