Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What IS the PTA?  

The PTA is a group of parent volunteers that organizes and facilitates a bajillion events at the school each year.  From the Fun Run to Staff Appreciation Week, we have our paws in a lot of different pots.

2.  Why should I join? 

The PTA offers an opportunity to get involved in something bigger than an individual contribution.  As a purely volunteer driven organization, the PTA is dependant on parent involvment to accomplish our goals.  


3.  Ok, but I'm busy.  Really busy.

Yep. I get it.  For Real.  One of the advantages to the PTA is that you can get a little involved, or a LOT involved.  There are times when it is easier to get away, and we are happy to fit in whenever it works for you!  

4.  So, what do you want me to do?

Help us take over the world!  Kidding, sort of.  We need members to help with the massive amounts of volunteer activites that go into helping make Pembroke a great place for kids.  

5.  Um, that sounds like a LOT of work.

It certainly CAN be if you want to contribute a lot of time!  Some members volunteer to chair event committees, some offer to be in charge of popcorn parties.  We have opportunities available for working parents, parents with young children, even for parents with ornery teenagers. 

6.  But what if I hate it?

You won't.  I promise.  As someone that has made a point to avoid joining any groups EVER, I can honestly say that being involved with the PTA has been a great experience.  I feel connected to the community, involved in the school, and included in the conversation about issues related to my children's education.

7.  Ok, I'm in.  What do I have to do?

It's easy breezy!  Zoom over to the Membership tab on this website and if you've made it this far, you'll likely recognize the PayPal button.  You can also pick up a handy dandy form in the office.  

Once you've become a member, you can take advantage of the informative monthly meetings, sign up to receive a monthly summary email, and view the list of volunteer positions available.  There are SO many ways to be involved!  

The PTA facilitates activities that provide valuable information to parents.  Click on the links below to access presentations offered on important topics relevant to today's parenting.

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